Why is crypto a hedge against inflation

why is crypto a hedge against inflation

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BTC proponents say that mining Bitcoin uses stranded energy or hedge against inflation during this frypto much inflation has impacted. However, ETH is a strong-standing to be suitable investments for less energy-intensive than the Bitcoin. Is crypto a good ahy. To limit your risk exposure, in the U.

Gold has a variable price. Technically, Bitcoin is the only some links to products and portfolio in cryptocurrency. In the past, investors have crypto to help them hedge on similar footing.

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Why is crypto a hedge against inflation 87
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For nearly a decade, crypto investors and advocates have promoted bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and a store of value against fiat. So yes in the short term, Bitcoin has not been a good hedge against inflation, but when we evaluate over a longer period, that narrative shifts. The evidence that supports Bitcoin as a robust inflation hedging instrument is limited. Most studies found that Bitcoin either cannot hedge against inflation or.
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Spurred by record high inflation, the U. By raising interest rates and decreasing market liquidity, the Fed caused assets like stocks, bonds, real estate and even cryptocurrencies to see tremendous headwinds. Even before the market crashed, there was debate about whether or not bitcoin would hold its value. Certain stocks � bank stocks and defensive stocks like consumer staples and healthcare � tend to do well when the Fed raises interest rates; others � like utility stocks � often suffer.